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Thermal Imaging

Only the Best

You'll be surprised at the number of things you can learn about your home with the use of a thermal imaging camera. Your home inspector is well trained on a state of the art handheld thermal imaging camera to help find potential risks.

You’ll be surprised how many risks and potential building problems are associated with heat or the loss of heat:

  1. Mold growing in a corner will emit heat.

  2. Looking at temperatures in a room can tell you about energy waste, such as areas not affected by air conditioning, also called thermal bridges.

  3. Moisture will take longer to cool down than the surrounding areas of a wall or roof. At night you can look for these warmer spots to identify leaks.

  4. After a home is built faults in walls or roofs can be located with thermal imaging:

    • You can visualize airflow

    • Air leaks can be detected

    • Check how well a roof is insulated

    • You can see overheating circuits, fix the wiring and prevent power surges or potential fires caused by overheated outlets or sockets.

  5. If you suspect problems in your pipes you can locate them behind walls or panelling without damaging the structure. See where the problem is and only open up the wall or roof in that area.

All this thanks to a compact but very advanced thermal camera. The best infrared camera for home inspections can help prevent health problems, but it’s also important to ensure homes and buildings are structurally sound & safe for use.