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Home Renovation

How Much Will your Repairs Cost?

Every inspection we always get the question. How much will all of this cost? Now One Source Inspection, LLC is offering Repair Pricer. This is a tool that allows you to get project estimates for the deficiencies we find at your home inspection. The people at Repair Pricer will review our inspection report and with the help of their accurate software determine the average cost of your project without hiring multiple contractors to come out and give quotes.

Why Do I Need This?

The home buying process moves very fast once you get a home under contract. Having Repair Pricer at your disposal can ease your mind and help you budget for any repairs that will be needed. While most of the time it is impossible to get an exact number on how much every project in your home will cost even contractors run into problems. This tool will help you get a rough estimate on what it will take to get your home in tip top shape. When you do decide to get a contractor you will have an idea of how much your project should cost keeping you from spending more money then needed.


Sample Report

Take a look at a sample report!

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