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Well Inspections and Services


Well Services

  • Well Inspections

  • Water Flow Testing

  • Water Quality Testing

  • Well Log Records Search

  • Well Sanitizing

  • Well Equipment Repair

Our processional and experienced team provides a comprehensive range of services for your well needs. From thorough well inspections to ensure optimal functionality, to water quality testing to ensure the safety and purity of your water supply. In addition, our experts can assist in sanitizing your well to eliminate potential contaminants. And if your well equipment requires repair, we have you covered.

Glasses of Water

What we can do for you!

A Custom Experience

Well Inspection

Safe and Functional

Our Licensed Inspector will complete a visual examination of the exposed portions of the well equipment and casing, testing the system using normal operating controls to ensuring the system is functional. Safety is our top priority your inspector will pay close attention to identify any potential safety concerns.

Starting - $99.00

Water Quality

Safe Drinking Water

We will collect water samples from the well and send them off to one of our trusted labs to analyze the water samples to ensure your water is safe to drink and free from bacteria and contaminants.  Our minimum test  will test for total coliforms and e-coli. But we also recommend testing for Nitrite and Nitrate as well.  Clink here to view full list of what we can test for.

Starting - $99.00

Flow Testing

Ensuring you well has enough water

Our Licensed inspector will conduct a flow test on the well running 3-4 hundred gallons of water from the well to ensure your well is producing enough water for your home. During the test the inspector will measure the flow rate in gallons per minute  (GPM) throughout the test. This test typically takes about an hour to complete.

Starting - $125.00

Well Sanitizing

Experienced Professionals

As contaminants can build up over time, compromising the quality of your water supply, our experienced technicians employ industry-leading techniques to ensure a thorough and effective sanitization process.  Our team understands the importance of your well water's safety, which is why we take every precaution to restore and maintain its pristine condition.


Starting - $199.00

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